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Susie Bush-Ramsey is a mother of 2 young children and enjoys parenting, presenting and creatively designing, alongside her husband in SW London. She is a former international athlete with a faith and heart to inspire others that have taken her on an interesting journey, teaching her the power and value of a simpler life.


a design company

Following 10+ years working as an in-house designer, Susie branched out independently in 2010 to establish a small graphic design company, whilst focusing on her athletic ambitions, traveling the world training and competing. She continues to be privileged to help bring charitable organisations and great brands to the forefront of people's hearts and minds.

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a clothing brand

In 2016, she sought to find a platform from which she could inspire and encourage women utilising her creative skills. Susie founded Bloomers & Rompers – An enterprise providing an opportunity for women to hand make ethical and sustainable collections, whilst participating in workshops, based on a mini-handbook she'd designed, to help improve mental and physical wellbeing.

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a wellbeing programme

In 2020, at the height of the COVID pandemic, she placed Bloomers & Rompers on hold and continued evolving her handbooks and workshops to create Take 7 Simple Steps, a beautifully illustrated and narrated wellbeing programme, to help people create a simpler, more satisfying life. She opted to offer the programme for free and promoted it by hanging wooden tags outside cafes and restaurants, with hand-written encouraging messages for people to sign-up in SW London. The programme has received wonderful reviews from those who have been touched by her calming voice and animated sketches. Content from the programme has since been shared around the world digitally and is now being offered as 6-week face-face workshops.

Love Me Programme

Love Me Programme



a series of books

At the beginning of 2021 she teamed up with athlete Chrissie Wellington OBE, to write and illustrate two children's books, You're so amazing and You're so strong to share the concepts of her 7 Simple Steps programme with a wider audience. Her children helped her narrate animated videos she created for the books, which she describes as, encapsulating the things she most wants to share with them as they grow up.